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Oxidation is the process when oxygen will handily grab electrons from other molecules. The particles that surrender their electrons to oxygen are called free radicals. Everything that gets in contact with oxygen in the body will oxidize. To give you a best illustration of this process, simply consider a hunk of iron left outside. Over a several week period, that iron will have a slender covering of rust on its surface. How did that occur? Basically, the electrons in the particles of iron unreservedly surrendered themselves to the oxygen around them.

We exposed and breath oxygen. What’s more, over the long run we oxidize – or you could say we rust. Although we don’t really become rusty inside, we do get age spots, grey hair, wrinkles, joint pain, muscle aches, slow function of endocrine system and so on. This is proof of oxidation, which is a part of aging process.

By nature, electron meant to be in pairs. In the event of oxidation, when oxygen snatches one of the electrons, that will result in a free unpaired electron, called a free radical. These free radicals have to meet with another molecule that has extra electron and can donate it so the reaction of oxidation and distraction can stop. In the body this electron donor may come from something like Vitamin C that has the additional electrons. Therefore, Vitamin C is called “antioxidant”. In other words, Vitamin C act as a protector against aging.

Did you know that your lymphatic system acts as a free radical fighter and protects your body against infections and accumulation of toxins? The body’s lymphatic system holds about 80% of your body’s antioxidant power. Even your liver is equipped with lymphatic network that aids with powerful antioxidant properties. The lymphatic system is considered second circulatory system. While circulatory system carries blood and nutrients and to the organs, lymphatic system is responsible for taking toxins and waste out.

The lymphatic stream moves in one direction. It picks up all the “garbage” and carries to toward the thoracic duct. Every day, your body releases a lot of liquid that contain toxins as biproducts of numerous biochemical reactions. They need to excreted not to develop toxicity of the body. Did you know that lymphatic system does not have a pumping mechanism like a cardiovascular system? It is very important that the lymphatic system maintains constant flow.

Lymphatic system flow totally depends on your movement and breathing practices. Lymphatic system can be easily congested by lack of such movement resulting in build up of toxins impairing health.

The lymphatic system transports and cleanses every cell and organ in the body. It is the pathway for toxins to be removed from the body and plays a key role in immune function as the white blood cells are transported through the lymph system. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy aids in removal of these congestions allowing more nutrients to be supplied to the cells, removing toxins, and increasing immune function.

Quite possibly the main objective for ideal wellbeing is smooth lymphatic flow. The goal is to get the trash away from the cells, so nutrients essential for life can replenish organs. When this process is impaired and toxins are built up, this will set the foundation for a disease.

Lymphatic Therapy is effective for breast health, edema, immune issues, postoperative and injury healing, rejuvenation of the skin, hormone balancing and stress reduction. Additionally, lymphatic therapy improves circulation, promotes drainage of excess fluid, and improves collagen formation.

Most people will notice improvements after one treatment because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits. So, keep yourself looking and feeling healthy with regular sessions.

One indication you need a lymphatic therapy is when you wake with puffy face or eyes despite the fact you had a good night sleep. Another indication is swollen ankle or joints that due to backed up toxins and unfiltered fluids.

Most people will notice improvements after one treatment because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits. So, keep yourself looking and feeling healthy with regular sessions. Lymphatic Therapy is recommended on a monthly basis to keep your system at an optimum levels.

Our wellness center combines state of the art lymphatic drainage technology with numerous techniques to enhance the process of lymph flow and promote healing. We have developed a technique that is eight times more effective than a manual manipulation for lymphatic drainage.

Takeaway message

Lymphatic Therapy is a fantastic procedure that assists in healing by removing toxins and waste products from your body. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact Atlant Health Wellness Center located in Midtown East New York City, New York.