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What Is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

The lymphatic system helps to clear waste and toxins in our bodies. It is a web of interconnected vessels that helps to transport the toxins and waste through the fluid called lymph. If the lymphatic system is healthy and functioning properly, it eliminates wastes from the body, using the natural movement of body vessels. The lymphatic system is an important part of the general immune system of our body. If the system recognizes a foreign body that is harmful to our wellbeing, it sends it to the lymph nodes using the fluid within this vessel and it gets disposed.

It is important to keep our lymphatic system at its optimal functionality, as it can be affected by too much stress, body dehydration, overload of toxins and infections. Once it gets affected, it can result in swells around the body, creating blockages of normal lymph flow and disrupting toxins elimination pathways. Accumulation of toxins around the body will result in increased toxicity of organs and system that can create multiple health conditions.

This is why the lymphatic drainage therapy is vital. It is a process performed on the body, to help stimulate it and ensure smooth movement of this fluid. The lymphatic drainage therapy helps to eradicate swells caused by the build-up of this excess fluid.

The lymphatic drainage therapy is a technological process that helps to stimulate the body tissues and allow free lymph flow throughout the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is delicate, so it requires a gentle touch, as too much pressure can cause damage. At Atlant Health Wellness Center, we use a very special lymphatic therapy machine that has proven over the years been more effective than a manual manipulation for lymphatic drainage and it ensures a smooth and safe procedure.

Our therapeutic lymphatic device uses low energy vibration in the form of acoustic and electrostatic fields. The therapy wands contain noble gases that are stimulated by the low current field, and when applied to the skin causes a dilation of the vessels. The acoustic waves create a vibrational pulsing effect and when used at multiple treatment points create an electro pressure field. Along with manual stimulation of the lymph nodes, this electrical stimulation assists lymph drainage up to 8 times faster than manual lymph drainage alone.

In this article, we explain why lymphatic therapy is an essential modality for better health.

Why lymphatic drainage therapy is essential?

Lymphatic drainage can be done through a lymphatic therapy process. It is a process that helps to stimulate body lymph system and soft muscle tissues to free up congested parts of the body that interrupt the lymph flow. In certain individuals, excess fluids can build up in parts of their body and cause a condition called edema. Edema could be a result of surgery, injuries, or certain medical conditions. The lymph nodes can swell due to this excess fluid, and it causes lymphedema.

According to WebMD notes, this swelling process is caused when there is a leakage of fluid from the small blood vessels into the body tissues. Over time, this fluid gathers and makes the tissues to swell.

The lymphatic drainage therapy is a treatment that helps to move the excess fluid that has gathered to cause this swelling. This swelling can affect the whole body or only a section of it.

The lymphatic drainage process involves the use of standard lymphatic drainage technology, and several techniques. This technological process has been confirmed to be more effective than the manual process for lymphatic drainage. Kindly note that this type of lymphatic therapy doesn’t involve the massage or any other manual method. For more information, please read our Lymphatic Therapy page.

Who needs the lymphatic drainage therapy?

Your lymphatic system will get a slight boost after a lymphatic drainage therapy. There are several categories of people that need lymphatic drainage therapy.

  • People with a dysfunction of the lymphatic system and lymphedema (which could be from birth) are high on the list.
  • People that have had surgeries that affected or involved the lymph nodes might also need lymphatic drainage.
  • It is also recommended for pregnant women, it helps to deal with swollen feet, as it increases the speed of healing and reduces swelling.

Others that could benefit include, people with episodes of migraine, suffering from insomnia, digestive issues, arthritis, fatigue, and stress.

If you belong to these group of people, you need lymphatic drainage therapy, and we offer the best lymphatic drainage therapy service in New York. Our aim is to help you live a healthier life at a low cost, click here to book an appointment now.

However, there are people at risk and are not recommended for lymphatic drainage therapy. This includes people with liver issues, kidney issues, unregulated blood pressure, and people with a history of heart failure.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a lymphatic drainage therapy

  1. It helps healing process. People that have just undergone surgery could be at the risk of having swollen lymph. It could cause them to be in pain as the tissues will be sore and swollen. The lymphatic drainage therapy procedure will help to reduce pain and discomfort around the tissues. Other forms of injuries can also heal faster after a lymphatic drainage procedure.
  2. Helps pregnant women. Pregnant women often have the issue of swollen legs due to their body retaining a lot of fluid. The lymphatic drainage therapy helps to ease the pain and reduce the swells. For lactating mothers, the procedure helps the breastfeeding process and reduces the pain that results from tight breasts.
  3. Helps to remove waste and toxins. The lymphatic drainage procedure stimulates the vessels that carry the lymph. The foreign bodies that might arise due to unhealthy eating or infections are quickly transported to the lymph nodes for eradication. This helps the body to function properly and you prevent a breakdown that might affect your daily activities.
  4. It helps the skin. We all want a popping skin, and we invest in products to help achieve that. However, a lymphatic drainage therapy can also boost the look of your skin. It helps the complexion of the skin, helps to eradicate wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite.
  5. It reduces fatigue and stress in the body. Simply put, it helps you relax better. The massage process helps your body to continue functioning at a great level, and you reduce the risk of getting sick due to stress.

To enjoy the benefits listed above, book an appointment with us today, or reach out to us calling/texting (212) 719-3611, and get the best lymphatic drainage therapy in New York.