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Price List and Packages

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Atlant Health Wellness Center offers a wide variety of holistic treatments, all performed by highly trained certified therapists. Each treatment is customized to maximize efficacy. Our Wellness Center is happy to announce that we also offer our signature treatment “Ultimate Flush” that includes both Colonic Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, done during one visit. We accept all major credit cards. Please note that the prices exclude sales tax and Extras, which will be added during checkout. **If you are a new patient, please see our policy below**

- Colonic Hydrotherapy -

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Is this your first time doing colonics? No worries, you can always rely on our staff taking you through this process so you will receive best service. Looking forward seeing you.

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This is our most popular package. Plan ahead with this stress-free option and plan ahead. Combine gravity or pressure hydrotherapy and see which one suits you best.




Microcurrent face-lift therapy is a perfect non-invasive procedure with long lasting effects used by many health seeking individuals. *Package of 4 treatments is available soon.


- Lymphatic Drainage Therapy -

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A superficial and stimulating massage-like therapy using LymphStar Pro Fusion to increase the lymphatic circulation, clear blockages within lymph nodes and vessels throughout the body.

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If you are already familiar with the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage, then you know to achieve better lymph flow and deeper detoxification, chronic conditions might require extra time.

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The Ultimate Flush is a combination of Colonics and Lymphatic Therapies in one sessions to attain maximum benefit of colon cleanse and improve lymphatic flow. Enjoy 75 minutes of best we can offer.


- Infrared Sauna Therapy - And More -

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First time having Infrared Sauna Session? Our experienced staff will take you through this process so you will receive best service. Looking forward seeing you.

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Already familiar with benefits of Infrared Sauna. Plan ahead with this five package deal option. Enjoy your stay and detox at our Wellness Center.


Weight Loss Program

Free Consultation

Please inquire about 6-Week Weight Loss Program. Free consultation is offered to see if this is the right program for you.


*Packages expire in 6 months from a day of purchase* No refunds. All packages sharable. You may bring your friends or family members to enjoy this value deal.
**Please Note we do not accept HSA or FSA payments for our therapies. Holistic therapies provided in our Wellness Center are not covered by health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Both let you set aside money before it’s been taxed to pay for health care costs offered by a medical doctor, and can’t be used toward any integrative services which are excluded from your medical coverage policy.
***NEW PATIENTS POLICY*** Please note that 24 hours prior your booking session, your credit card on file will be charged the full price of your scheduled service. If the credit card is invalid, your appointment will be automatically canceled, and you will be notified.
SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS – We offer “Same Day Appointments” scheduling option up to 4 hours. Please note that appointments scheduled on the same day, can’t be cancelled. If you think you scheduled your appointment by mistake, please call or email us as soon as possible.
NO-SHOW POLICY – By booking, you authorize Atlant Health – Wellness Center to charge your credit card a “NO-SHOW” of up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your visit without proper 24-hour notification.
PRIOR YOUR APPOINTMENT please read information on our Frequently Asked Questions Page how to prepare for our therapies and about any contraindications you might have.
EXTRASCoffee is a free add-on and available upon your request. Chlorophyll is available for $5 extra. Colon Hydrotherapy session is 45 minutes with additional 10-15 minutes to empty the bowel. If you request extra time and extra kit, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Please note “extra time” might not always be available due to schedule density.
New York City Service Tax. Please note that 4.5% NYC service tax will be applied during checkout for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy and Ultimate Flush only.

Give the gift of health with our services!