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Lymphatic Therapy is Highly Effective to Promote Detox and Healing

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that helps rid the body of toxins, wastes, viruses, fungus, and unfriendly bacteria. Lymphatic Therapy is a highly effective way to free up blockages and congestion in the body, which allows the lymphatic system to flow unobstructed. When the lymphatic system is freely flowing the body can effectively transport toxins to their proper destination.

Functions of the Lymphatic system.

It is a set of vessels that connects all organs and cells. Lymphatic System is one way system and returns extra cellular fluid to the heart, so it can be recirculated through the blood. It is often called as “Fluid pick up system.”

Lymphatic system monitors what is happening though your body. Lymph nodes work as gatekeepers monitoring what is going back to the heart, so it can eliminate what doesn’t belong to the body.

Additionally, it helps to maintain pressure of extracellular fluid and helps recirculate nutrients. Lymph vessels act like veins. They work in one direction. Lymphatic system does not have a pumping mechanism like a cardiovascular system, thus it is very important that the lymphatic system maintains constant flow. Lack of this flow results in buildup of toxins that have negative impact on overall health.

The lymphatic system transports and cleanses every cell and organ in the body. It is the pathway for toxins to be removed from the body and plays a key role in immune function as the white blood cells are transported through the lymph system. It plays major role in the Immune System; it is the part of the Defense mechanism. It houses B and T cells that help to recognize foreign substances and fight the invaders.

An efficient Lymphatic System will benefit your body in many areas in addition to immunity, inflammation, and healing in general. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy aids in removal of these congestions allowing more nutrients to be supplied to the cells, removing toxins, and increasing immune function.


The goal is accelerating detoxification and improving lymphatic fluid flow. This may lead to pain relief, increased vitality, faster healing and reduced swelling, edema, and fibrotic conditions. It can also aid the formation of collagen which may lead to fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and a more vibrant complexion.

The machine uses physical vibration with acoustic waves, an electrostatic field and electro-pressure that is low in energy and safe. The pulsating sounds create vibrations and deliver a pulsing gentle massage. It replicates the motions used in manual lymphatic drainage, but has a rapid sequence you can’t do by hand. The pulses can be turned to vary in intensity for varying applications.

Vibrational energy is then transmitted through the mild electrostatic field that allows for dilation of vessels via sympathetic nerves to create a current flow.

The pulse rate controller and multiple transmitter points allow you to create a field effect over the area between the two heads. The response elicits a wider simulation of lymphatic flow. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with a gentle manual massage if necessary.

Over 15 years performing this modality, we have observed that this type of vibrational energy transmission assists lymph drainage up to 8 times faster than manual lymph drainage alone. Most people will notice improvements after one treatment because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits. So, keep yourself looking and feeling healthy with regular sessions.

Some benefits of Lymphatic Therapy:

  • Decreases cellulite
  • Weight loss
  • Improves digestion
  • Assist in elimination of heavy metals
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS
  • Relieves allergies
  • Relieves headaches
  • Clear and radiant skin
  • Reduction/elimination of lymphedema
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Healthy immune system
  • Reduces puffiness and swelling
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Reduces water retention

“When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better, and you start to attract better”

For additional for additional information how to prepare for Lymphatic Therapy, please visit our FAQ page

Takeaway message

Lymphatic Therapy is a fantastic procedure that works in harmony with your body to cleanse it from multiple toxins that might pose a significant burden to your body.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our Wellness Center located in New York City. If you are ready to book your session and experience ultimate benefits of Lymphatic Therapy, BOOK TODAY!