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We Offer Best Colonics and
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
in New York City

Supercharge your health naturally
with Colon Hydrotherapy &
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
In our Wellness Center


Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy, aka Colonics,
Is Our Most Popular Therapy
For Gut Healing Journey &
Overall Well-Being


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is highly
effective way to detox and
support the Immune System


Infrared Sauna

Sweat, Detox, Relax & Recharge
In Our Infrared Sauna That Offers
Lowest EMF Comparing to Other Brands


Best Rated Colonic Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Infrared Sauna Wellness Center in New York City

Try our wellness services and feel the difference in your journey toward better health!

Colon Hydrotherapy (aka Colonics, or Colon Cleanse), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Infrared Sauna, offered in our New York City Wellness Center, have gained a lot of recognition for their transformative effects on health and well-being in recent years, and became top modalities for many health seeking individuals. These holistic, highly effective therapies will help your body to rejuvenate from inside out and supercharge your health naturally.

The day-to-day choices you make influence whether you create happy, healthy, optimal life and maintain vitality as you age, or develop life-shortening conditions that will significantly impact quality of life. We know that when physical well-being is not optimal, having healthy and balanced lifestyle becomes challenging. If you want to reach optimal health and peak performance, Atlant Health Wellness Center is a great place for your journey to wellness.

Our Wellness Center conveniently located in Midtown East New York City and offers variety of modalities to restore and maintain vibrant and healthy lifestyle. Colonic Hydrotherapy (Gravity and Machine types), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, and Infrared Sauna are the ultimate techniques for restoring digestive health, deep cellular detox and rejuvenation. In addition, we offer Functional Medicine and Bioenergetic Medicine services.

With our state-of-the-art Colon Hydrotherapy treatments, we offer gentle and effective cleansing to revitalize the digestive system. By eliminating toxins, alleviating constipation, and promoting optimal gut health, we empower patients to experience improved digestion, enhanced nutrient absorption, and overall well-being.

Our cutting-edge Lymphatic Drainage Therapy works synergistically to support the immune system and facilitate detoxification. By stimulating lymphatic flow, we aid in the removal of waste, toxins, and excess fluids, reducing inflammation and promoting a robust immune response.

Adding Infrared Sauna to your list of holistic therapies, will embrace the healing powers and unlock a world of detoxification, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to this therapeutic experience and indulge in the countless benefits it offers for your overall well-being. Step into our Wellness Center and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced you.

Our highly experienced team is committed to provide the best Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy experience. These techniques will assist to improve detox and supercharge your body. Our Wellness Center is rated as one of the top places in New York City for customer satisfaction. At our New York City wellness center, we prioritize your comfort and well-being. Our skilled practitioners provide a nurturing and relaxing environment, tailoring treatments to your unique needs for a truly personalized experience. Experience Wellness Today!

Take Your Health To The Next Level!

We can take your health to the next level!

“You may understand exactly what you need to do to enjoy a healthier and happier life, but not have time to do it. Let us guide you toward health through Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, so you can embark on a transformative journey towards improved health, vitality, and a higher quality of life.”

Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky

“Lovely place, clean, cozy. Staff is friendly. Have gone here many times in the past 5 years. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan.”

M. B.Entrepreneur

We offer a wide array of services aimed at improving your health!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

We believe everybody deserves to have a Healthy Gut!

Lymphatic Therapy

Highly effective therapy to improve function of Lymphatic & Immune Systems

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna goes beyond sweat, it assists in deeper detox.

Weight Loss

We offer superior doctor supervised weight loss program.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Atlant Health - Wellness Center
Based on 202 reviews
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Tony GonzalezTony Gonzalez
19:04 17 Jun 24
Incredible facility with knowledgeable and kind staff. I went to Jill for my treatment and was immediately put at ease. She knew exactly what to say and made me feel like I was a part of the process. She asked how I felt and was attuned to my feelings every step of the way. 10/10 recommend
Stacy HananiaStacy Hanania
18:57 14 Jun 24
This was my first colonic at Atlant Health. The office was very clean and the staff- friendly and welcoming. My technician explained what she was doing and I felt comfortable during the procedure. I would highly recommend this wellness center.
Nancy DrakeNancy Drake
17:04 11 Jun 24
Andryea LinderAndryea Linder
15:15 07 Jun 24
Ellena was so kind and supportive during my session, my first ever. I knew I was in excellent hands and left feeling better than I have in a really long time.
salima sangaresalima sangare
21:05 28 May 24
Great place & even better service!!! If I could put 6 stars I would.
grace chograce cho
16:32 17 May 24
I feel like a new person 🤭
Stacie MillerStacie Miller
18:27 14 May 24
This was my first time and I felt so much lighter after my session. I had my session with Sharon and she explained every step of the procedure, making the experience comfortable for me. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort I will definitely be returning for more sessions.
Isabella PolitanoIsabella Politano
21:59 07 May 24
I highly recommend Atlant Health. The staff is friendly and professional, the ambience is relaxing and clean, and my technician (Jill) was great!!
Dahlia A.Dahlia A.
02:00 05 May 24
The moment I walked into the facility, Anna, the front desk assistant was all smiles and greeted me with enthusiasm. The facility is very cleaned.Sharon, my colonic therapist was extremely knowledgeable as she explained the process and procedure. She was very gentle with an amazing spirit. I was given post-colonic dietary instuctions to follow .I highly recommend this place and im definitely looking forward to going back.
Claudia TanClaudia Tan
15:24 03 May 24
Excellent facility. I would highly recommend.
Ruby ThomasRuby Thomas
14:43 06 Apr 24
The absolute best place in NYC to receive colonic and lymphatic drain therapies.Not only was the office extremely clean, instruments and machines were top notch, but more important than anything else, Sharon, my therapist was truly exceptional.She has been in the business for over 30 years and was very thorough in her explanation of the procedure, equipment and supplies used and answered all my questions.Sharon created the most comforting atmosphere with her calming words and energy which allowed for a more relaxed experience in mind, body and spirit leading to successful outcomes.If you are looking to get a colonic and/or lymphatic drain therapy, there is no other place to go and no other person to do this with.Sharon and Atlant Health are simply the best!
20:56 04 Apr 24
My first time at Atlant health, I had an appointment with Sharon. Before we started our session, she informed me about colonics and the process we will be doing. It helped me feel so at ease and comfortable. I definitely recommend their services.
Sue MatthewsSue Matthews
13:36 26 Mar 24
Misha BoroditskyMisha Boroditsky
20:57 19 Mar 24
I have been Dr. Kanevsky's regular client for years. All staff and services at Atlant Health are professional and convenient, highly recommend.
pema lhamopema lhamo
16:23 19 Mar 24
I cannot speak highly enough about the exceptional care I received from Dr. Aleks. In 2017-2018, I struggled with massive hair fall and bald patches. Then came pandemic, I thought the world was ending. My stressful job became more stressful and demanding. The stress manifested in severe anxiety, leg cramps, shoulder and back pain, and continued hair shedding. Despite normal blood work, I felt far from fine.It wasn't until early 2022, when I started exploring alternative medicine, I finally found Dr. Aleks wellness on google. His down-to-earth demeanor and compassionate approach made me feel heard and understood. He took the time to assess my condition and develop a tailored plan to address my specific needs. Under Dr. Aleks' guidance, my anxiety dissipated, my hair stopped shedding as before, and I haven't experienced bald patches since 2022 and leg cramps are goneOne of the most remarkable aspects of my treatment was the significant improvement in my thyroid antibody levels. In just four months, my levels dropped from 1300 to 157.I have consulted Dr. Aleks more frequently than my primary care physician because of the trust and confidence I have in him. He not only helped me overcome my physical ailments but also provided invaluable support for my mental well-being during some of the challenging times. Anna at front desk is great and friendly, I also had few colonic sessions with Honey, she is soft spoken and will instantly make you feel comfortable.I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Aleks and his team for the exceptional care and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a caring and competent Functional doctor.With gratitude,Pema
Magdalena ZwolakMagdalena Zwolak
20:35 16 Mar 24
I have done the colonic hydrotherapy at the clinic and I am happy to say that I will be back. I had my app with Sharon who patiently guided me through the process. The clinic was clean and the staff was really friendly. Highly recommend
Amisha DelvalleAmisha Delvalle
19:11 15 Mar 24
Simply perfect Jill was amazing. Explained everything to me made new feel so comfortable on my first time. So welcoming absolutely love this place definitely coming again
Samantha DelValleSamantha DelValle
19:10 15 Mar 24
Extremely polite and informative staff. I definitely would recommend coming here
Randy DardenRandy Darden
16:55 11 Mar 24
I have been coming to Atlant Health -Wellness Center since Nov 2022 for the Ultimate Flush (Lymphatic drainage massage and colonic). I first saw Maria who's no longer there and referred me to Jill, who I see now, excellent service and very patient and caring. Everyone here is very professional and the establishment is very clean, calm and welcoming from the reception to the practioners. They offer different wellness services from colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, weight-loss program and a infrared sauna. Also on the premises is Aleksander Kanevsky, DC, Chiropractor & Functional Medicine Practitioner. I like coming to Atlant Health Wellness Center it's a plus for me in helping me with my wellness in further detoxing, help with releasing some stress in your body. Afterall you have to be your own advocate for your own wellness.
Marion TaylorMarion Taylor
20:19 06 Mar 24
Excellent service. On my first visit, I was a bit apprehensive, but Elena was reassuring andI was quickly at ease
17:23 05 Mar 24
Atlant is definitely the best colonic place in the city! I've been to quite a few, and I can say that they really know how to make you feel comfortable and at ease. You'll leave feeling like a million bucks after a session here. I highly recommend Sharon - she's fantastic!
Keiko YanaiKeiko Yanai
20:28 27 Feb 24
I’ve been working with Sharon. I had my first colonic with her. I was very nervous but she explained everything first and answered all of my questions, which made me feel very comfortable. She’s very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. The whole office is well managed and it’s very clean. Highly recommended!
Tom KeoughanTom Keoughan
02:06 25 Jan 24
Sharon immediately made me feel relaxed with her professional and empathetic approach. I've worked with several colonic therapists over the years and she is far and away the best. She answers all of my questions thoroughly and readily shares information. I always feel that Sharon has what's best for me in mind. She's my go to. Best in the city!
Stephanie MelendezStephanie Melendez
21:23 16 Oct 23
I had my first Lymphatic Drainage Therapy session with Atlant and am thoroughly looking forward to coming back. From the moment I walked in I was pleasantly greeted by the receptionist, Anna who shared additional information about my therapy session. My therapist Jill was wonderful and very open and honest about the tools used throughout the session. Every section of the body was handled with the most care and mindful approach - I felt I was in great hands. I left learning so much more about the therapy itself along with helpful references to look into for my personal needs and most importantly I feel great!

Give the gift of Health to yourself!

Our mission is to exceed your expectations and provide best services

  • Atlant Health Wellness is state of the art holistic center
  • Everything about us is exceptional and will set you at ease
  • Highly trained staff will attend to your every need
  • You will be treated with warmth and professionalism
  • Luxury place where you will feel unique and special
  • We are focused on integrative approach & optimum health
  • Explore all our holistic services and professional products
  • Do not hesitate to reach out with any question

Ready for a change and Wellness experience?

Our New York City Wellness Center Offers

unlimited luxury for mind, body, and soul

Cleanse & Recover

Discover services we offer at Atlant Health Wellness Center in New York City. Colonic hydrotherapy and lymphatic therapy are focused on integrative approach to attaining optimum health and rejuvenation.


Sweat To Detox

Our Infrared Sauna provides the best way to detox from heavy metals and other toxic elements. Infrared rays penetrate at the cellular level thus provide gentle and effective assistance for natural detoxification.



Check out our promotional prices for different wellness services. You will have a choice to purchase multiple units of the same procedure or combine different services based on your preference and goals. 


We Believe Everybody Deserves To Be Healthy!

it is never too late to start investing into your health

Toxins are inescapable and abundant in the food that we eat, the products that we use and the air that we breathe. Everyone who can benefit from detoxification, will benefit from a visit to Atlant Health – Wellness Center located in Midtown East New York City. Our holistic treatments are customized to detoxify depending on your wants and needs and dedicated to helping you become a healthier you.

Our state-of-the-art holistic center is dedicated to detoxification for ultimate health and well-being. Due to overabundant exposure to toxins, you know how important detoxification treatments are for overall health and wellness. While we cannot control the toxins that we breathe, consume and encounter in our daily lives, we can be more proactive in preventing many health related conditions by detoxing our bodies. Colon Hydrotherapy and Lymphatic Therapy are among most natural and holistic ways to assist in detoxifying approaches.

Our highly trained staff will attend to your every need, from the smallest detail to their gracious style, warmth and professionalism. Atlant Health is your next step in the process of detoxifying and improving your health. Learn about Colon Hydrotherapy (we offer Gravity Colonics & Pressure Mode Colonic Hydrotherapy) and Lymphatic Therapy by reaching us today! We also offer Infrared Sauna, Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine.

Gravity Colonic Hydrotherapy Midtown East New York NY
Gravity Colonic Infrared Sauna New York City NY
Gravity Colonic Lymphatic Therapy New York City NYC
Gravity Colonic Hydrocolonic Lymphatic Therapy New York City NYC