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What advice do we have for people who might be nervous about getting a colonic?

We would tell anyone anxious about getting a colonic not to be. It is not an invasive procedure. Colonic is highly therapeutic. Most of our clients, who get right on the table, can’t wait to share their life stories. It is a relaxed process most of the time. Choosing a skilled colon hydrotherapist is very important. Getting ready for a colonic session is very important. Please read “how to prepare for a colonic therapy session” section on our FAQ page (HERE). During your session your therapist will guide you through the process, and you will be in good hands.

Is the procedure painful?

No. Colonics should never be painful. Depending on a patient’s toxicity or state of mind, the procedure may be easy or more challenging. If there is a gas blockage or extreme constipation, there may be some slight discomfort just before a release. The colon hydrotherapist will use techniques to avoid any discomfort.

How often should I do a colonic?

One colonic therapy will not empty the colon completely. Most of us have a lot of pounds of impacted feces in our colon. One cleansing removes some of the hardened material; the second will remove more. Regularity of sessions depends on your goals, toxic overload and health history. Based on your personal objectives, the therapist will help you decide how many colonics you may wish to have.

Will a colonic rid of my healthy bacteria?

No. Cleansing the large intestine of putrefied waste will create a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. It is a good idea to re-hydrate with water or vegetable juice after a colonic session. Daily consumption of fresh vegetable juice will help to regenerate good flora over time. Also, after each colonic session you will be given a probiotic complex specifically designed for large intestine.

If you eat right, why would I need to do a colonic?

We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis through the air we breathe, our food and water supply, and through the use of drugs. In addition, we are eating more processed foods and sugar than ever before. By cleaning the colon, you are decreasing the general toxicity of your body and supporting your liver to function more efficiently. According to this article, there is great connection between environment and gut microbiome.

Does your body get dependent on colonics?

No. Colonics help tone the colon muscles, so they do not perform sluggishly.

What are some other healthy tips that people can look after their gut?

Like all health, gut health requires consistency. A diet rich in “broom foods” and raw vegetable juices helps keep the pipes clean. These broom foods are high fiber fruits and vegetables that absorb and sweep waste away from the intestines. Additionally, foods rich in soluble fiber and short chain fatty acids will help to maintain friendly gut microbiota environment.

Another great healthy habit is regularly eating raw fermented vegetables. It’s the number one source of live active probiotics. Even better than probiotic supplements. Our intestinal flora is responsible for how we digest food as well as the foods we crave. It actually tells us what we want to eat. It’s incredible.

I also recommend squatting when you move your bowels. Sitting is the worst position for releasing waste. We recommend using Squatty Potty. We even have those in our office, so our clients can experience full benefits after colonic sessions. Squatting position helps to open up the channels of elimination and brings your bowel movement to the next level.

Any other highlights?

Consistency is the key. Our bodies respond to consistency. The body will appreciate and respond back to you if you keep it well aligned, nourished and mentally supported.

Luckily, making some small and simple changes in our lives by focusing on what we call “pillars of health” can create big change and yield amazing results in our mind and body. The way to build everlasting habits and vital energy is to consistently provide the following five pillars:

  • Detox
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Movement
  • Restoration


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