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Colonics And Lymphatic Drainage Therapies To Support Detox and Immune System

If you are in our community, you have heard us talking about the importance of “Terrain theory.”

Terrain theory is a concept that has been gaining momentum in the health and wellness world. It suggests that our body’s terrain, or internal environment, plays a crucial role in determining our overall health. The theory emphasizes that maintaining a healthy terrain can strengthen our immune system, making us more resilient to illness and disease.

At the core of terrain theory is the idea that our bodies are constantly interacting with the environment around us. This includes everything from the food we eat and the air we breathe to the emotions we experience and even the people we surround ourselves with. All these factors can impact our internal terrain, either positively or negatively.

In our modern lives the ever-increasing list of toxicants that we are exposed to and the unknown synergistic effect that they have within us impacts our terrain and our ability to adapt and be resilient to the stresses of life.

You do not need to work in certain industries or live in polluted areas to be affected. There are hundreds of thousands of toxicants in the environment that have not been fully evaluated for safety. We can be exposed to many of those toxicants before we even leave our house in the morning.

While there is no magic solution that will promise you a healthy, working immune system, by focusing on maintaining a healthy terrain, individuals can take proactive steps towards preventing illness and optimizing their overall health. This includes adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly, eating nourishing foods, managing stress effectively, and avoiding toxins whenever possible.

Concerns around topics such as avoiding toxins, immune health, stress, sleep support, and burnout prevention are common topics that may become particularly relevant this time of year, especially when temperatures are changing allowing pathogens (viruses and bacteria) become more active.

80-90% of our immune system resides in our Intestine and Lymphatic System

Gastrointestinal and Lymphatic systems are constantly monitoring the toxic burden we are exposed to. Day and night. We need to support our body systems, so we can maintain perfect detox function.

Our New York Wellness Center offers essential and natural modalities to keep our bodies functioning optimally.

These therapies are designed for your body to assist with detox, weight loss, increase energy, reduce bloating, reduce allergies, reduce edema, and inflammation.

Schedule your Appointment today to help your body to remove toxic load and get ready for the season ahead.

This is the perfect time to turn over a fresh page and embark on a detox protocol of your choice! Or both!

Our highly experienced and amazing therapists provide Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. and Colon Hydrotherapy (Gravity and Machine) that support vital elimination, drainage, and lymphatic flow.

Please visit our site Atlant Health – Wellness Center to learn about many benefits achieved when using these modalities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling or texting (212) 719-3611, or simply reply to this email.

Experience Wellness Today!

Atlant Health Team

Detox and support immune system with colon hydrotherapy colonics and lymphatic drainage therapy New York City NYC