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Use Binders To Protect Respiratory System From Wildfire Smoke

Hi New Yorkers!

If you live in New York or any part of North East Cost region, you may have noticed the smokey orange or foggy air near you last couple of days. This smoke is coming from the Canadian Wildfires. Our office had received many calls from our patients asking how to support their bodies during this time. Please read below. Although, today the sky looks better and cleaner, there are still tons of harmful particles in the air that might affect the respiratory and other systems of the body.

This message is a friendly reminder to make sure you and your loved ones are taking necessary binders to protect your health. These binders will bind to these toxins being inhaled! Binders also help reduce the long-term damage. How amazing?!
Taking binders is crucial during wildfires when smoke, particularly from Canada, poses a significant health risk due to hazardous elements and pollutants present in the air.

What are the binders?

Binders, in the context of environmental health, are substances or materials that have the ability to bind or adsorb certain pollutants, toxins, or contaminants present in the air, water, or other environments. Binders can help trap and remove these hazardous elements and pollutants, reducing their impact and minimizing potential health risks. By employing binders, you can safeguard your respiratory health and mitigate the detrimental effects of wildfire smoke.

Binders can come in various forms, such as activated charcoal, zeolites, activated carbon filters, or specialized absorbent materials, depending on the specific application and type of pollutants targeted. By utilizing binders, we can enhance air or water purification processes, creating safer and cleaner environments that promote well-being and reduce exposure to hazardous substances.

Wildfire smoke contains a complex mixture of fine particulate matter, toxic gases, and harmful chemicals that can have severe consequences on respiratory health and overall well-being. The microscopic particles, including PM2.5, can penetrate deep into the lungs, leading to respiratory distress, exacerbation of existing conditions like asthma or allergies, and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections.

What binders do we recommend?

Our Number 1 pick is always Fulvic Humic Acid by AgeImmune. You can easily bump up to 10 drops into water or your favorite drink two times a day. Unlike other products, this Fulvic Humic Acid is tasteless, easy to mix and do not leave residue. Naturally occurring Fulvic minerals are plant derived and suitable for vegan and keto diet.

Number 2 favorite goes to SOD+ Antioxidant Complex, a new generation antioxidants that is capable of disarming harmful superoxide radicals to protect against cell damage.

When combing both, Fulvic Humic Acid and SOD+ Antioxidant complex, you create protective shield against oxidative stress and escort harmful toxins out of the body.

If you are looking into more complex approach and and wish adding other products into regimen, we suggest taking ViRadChem since it is a versatile binder – it’s made of 1/3 Biotoxin Binder and 1/3 HM-ET Binder. Of course, alternatively feel free to rotate Biotoxin Binder, ViRadChem, HMET and/or Carboxy over the next couple of months. One is also better than none! You can access the Binder Comparison Chart here for reference.
KL Support (Kidney and Liver Support) will also support drainage alongside these binders, which is very important!
Please note, these professional products can only be ordered through a Health Care Practitioner. Use this link to register and Patient Direct Code – Yhdj5kbT

Let’s stay healthy together! NY Strong!

We also want to emphasize the importance of Lymphatic System and Gastrointestinal Health. To experience the DETOX at its best, we highly recommend adding Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Colonic Cleanse and Infrared Sauna.
If you steel have any questions, please free to contact us by calling/texting at (212) 719-3611 or email us
Atlant Health Team