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How To Achieve The Best Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Experience

If you are looking into improving Immune Function and Wellbeing, consider Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) offers a multitude of benefits, with a primary focus on supporting the lymphatic system in its crucial role of eliminating toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials from the body.

But not every Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is the same, and why choose Atlant Health Wellness Center?

Our Wellness Center combines state of the art lymphatic drainage technology to promote healing by improving lymphatic flow that pays a significant role in supporting overall health and well-being. Our highly trained therapists with many years if experience have discovered that the treatment provided with Lymphatic Therapy Machine is eight times more effective than manual techniques for lymphatic drainage.

Our LymphStar®Pro Fusion (Elite Series) helps open the detoxification outlets, accelerates detoxification of your tissues and increases lymphatic circulation like no other technique out there.

The goal of this drainage phase is to prepare and support your body for your next step – Detox. Using LymphStar® machine will help to avoid feeling sluggish and just sometimes yucky. When using this technology, it makes the detoxification phase easier by providing you relaxation, emotional balance, and feelings of well-being with increased energy.

The lymphatic system transports and cleanses every cell and organ in the body. It is the pathway for toxins to be removed from the body and plays a key role in the immune function as the white blood cells are transported through the lymph.

Lymphstar Pro Fusion is the best machine for Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

How Is LymphStar® Pro Different From Other Modalities?

Using LymphStar® aids in removal of this congestion, allowing more nutrients to be supplied to the cells for utilization, removing toxins, and increasing immune function.

The LymphStar® uses subtle vibrational energy to encourage the clearing and release of accumulated fluids, toxins, and proteins which reside in the interstitial tissue spaces. As such it emits “information” to the energy field of the cells via harmonics of sound and frequencies of light. It produces this information by way of something called “noble gas ionization.”

There is a long tradition of research into the energetic effects of these noble gasses. An optimal mixture of xenon and argon is enclosed in a Pyrex glass tube. The gases are excited by electrical currents. An energy field, or plasma, then radiates from the tube onto the skin and is conducted through the entire bio-energy system.

The LymphStar® is applied by placing the transmission head, or heads on the skin. Use of the instrument on the body is followed by manual lymphatic drainage.

LymphStar® is effective for breast health, pain syndromes, edema, immune issues, postoperative and injury healing, aging, collagen formation of the skin, hormone balancing and to decrease stress. The therapy improves edemas, fibrotic conditions, and swollen lymph nodes.

Some conditions reported to have benefited from therapy include breast lumps, inflammation, chronic pain, joint aches, muscle pain, sports injuries, allergies, sinus, respiratory problems, headaches, prostate problems, hormone imbalance and chronic female conditions, dental trauma and chronic problems, heavy metal toxicity, toxicity, neuromuscular trauma, immune and fatigue syndromes and promotes drainage of excess fluid.

There are many ways to support your body, and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy among the top. Our happy patients are the best example to prove that.

And if you want to take detox and drainage to the next level, consider Ultimate Flush (the combo of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy). We are the only wellness center in New York City that offers this.

If you would like to learn more about Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, do not hesitate to reach out by calling/texting to (212) 719-3611 on our Contact Us Page If you are ready to schedule an appointment with us, please follow this BOOKING LINK.

To your good health and happiness.