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The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating waste products from the body by pushing them through the lymph vessels, which respond to the contraction of the smooth muscles. This process is extremely important since it cleanses the body from toxins, harmful chemicals, dead bacteria, and apoptotic cells.

Unfortunately, the flow of lymph is sometimes obstructed or slowed down, which leads to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid across the vessels and nodes; this condition is referred to as lymphedema.

However, even in the absence of any health complaints, optimizing the circulation of the lymphatic system is associated with numerous benefits, including improved blood hemodynamics, reduced inflammation, and enhanced cognition and mental health.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy and why should get one.

When Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Is Advised

The indications of lymphatic drainage therapy are diverse and include benign health conditions, such as skin issues, to more serious pathologies, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), kidney dysfunction, and liver failure.

However, most people neglect the benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy for the general population.

You see, a healthy lymphatic system improves numerous physiological functions in the absence of disease.

Some people report feeling more active and experiencing sharper cognition after undergoing a few lymphatic drainage sessions.

Here are a few conditions that may be improved with lymphatic drainage therapy:

How does lymphatic drainage work?

Lymphatic drainage therapy works by boosting your body’s natural drainage abilities to remove any obstructions in the system and unclog lymphatic vessels.

In one study, researchers found that lymphatic drainage is extremely effective in treating lymphedema in female patients with breast cancer.

Another classic study published on Nature found that manipulating lymphatic circulation improves the signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, especially in patients who did not respond to conventional pharmacological drugs.

Studies like these confirm the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage therapy in improving the symptoms of numerous medical conditions, especially when other therapeutic approaches yielded no results.

Why Choose Atlant Health In NYC For Lymphatic Therapy Procedure

Our wellness center combines state of the art lymphatic drainage technology to promote healing by improving lymphatic flow. Our highly trained therapists have discovered that the treatment provided with Lymphatic Therapy machine is eight (8) times more effective than manual techniques for lymphatic drainage.

At our Wellness Center we use a therapeutic lymphatic drainage device that combines low energy vibration in the form of acoustic and electrostatic fields. The therapy wands contain noble gases that are stimulated by the low current field, and when applied to the skin causes a dilation of the vessels. The acoustic waves create a vibrational pulsing effect and when used at multiple treatment points create an electro pressure field.

Takeaway message

Many experts consider the lymphatic system to be one of the most important entities in the entire body since it ensures the natural detoxification of cells from metabolic by-products and waste substances.

Hopefully, this article managed to shed some light on the benefits of lymphatic drainage therapy and how it could help a wide range of the population.

If you live in New York, you’re in luck! Atlant Health Wellness Center offers lymphatic drainage therapy along with other therapeutic techniques to optimize your health.

So, if you’re ready to take the smart move like many of our readers have, click on this link to book a consultation

Contact Our Wellness Center To Make Your Lymphatic Therapy Appointment in NYC

Lymphatic drainage therapy can be performed as a stand alone procedure to aid in process of detox and improved lymph-flow, or in combination with Colon Hydrotherapy for maximum benefits. We call this holistic technique – The Ultimate Flash. The Ultimate Flush is a 75 minute procedure, after which most patient feel immediate improvement in symptoms related to any sort of toxicities. Please note that lymphatic therapy is not a regular manual massage. For additional information about lymphatic therapy, please visit our FAQ Page.

If you still have any questions, please contact our Wellness Center by calling (212) 719-3611 or fill out the form online on our Contact Us Page If you are ready to schedule an appointment with us, please follow this BOOKING LINK.

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